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Tess Robinson


Tess Robinson was born and raised in Central California. For as long as she can remember, she has found her greatest joys in God, nature, and music. A naturalist at heart, Tess grew up hiking, camping, and playing outside until sunset. During high school, the power,
and importance of nature immersion was made abundantly clear in her time spent first as a camper, then as a counselor at a YMCA summer camp that was set high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

After high school, she spent a year as an intern at a community theater, as a theater technician, and performer. From here she entered college, and began pursuit of a degree in Choral Music Education. During this time, she met the love of her life, and they married during her freshman year. Her sophomore year brought the birth of their first child, who was born with extensive medical, and neurological needs. Tess chose to postpone her education to devote her life to saving his, and the trajectory of her life took an unexpected, but beautiful turn. They soon welcomed their second child, a vivacious little girl, and together the four of them set out to make a life for themselves.
Tess and her husband’s journey advocating for their unique, and sickly son led them to spend three months over the course of a year at the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder in Denver, Colorado. Here they received invaluable education in sensory processing disorder. Tess went on to receive further formal training after their time there was complete.
Soon they knew God was calling them to begin a new adventure in a place where all of their needs, and the desires of their hearts could be met. That place was Nashville, TN. They moved to Fairview in the summer of 2016, and welcomed a precious baby boy in spring of 2017.
Over the years, Tess has had varied experiences in education, ranging from running a high school theater program, to teaching a beginner’s vocal class at a children’s conservatory. Most recently, she has been running her own business teaching early childhood music and
movement classes as a licensed Musikgarten teacher. Tess considers it an honor to join the Ferntop family, and believes passionately in its mission to nurture the whole child through love, support, and nature immersion.

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