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Pastor and avid reader John Piper has said that, “Sentences change my life, not books.” He describes reading certain sentences as landmark events in his life, even claiming that the 1% of sentences that shape his heart and illuminate his understanding make the whole other 99% of his reading worthwhile!


To be heard in a ChatGPT world, we need the ability to craft such top 1% sentences. As we learn to hear and then conduct the music that is present in all writing, we can pour our passions and priorities through our prose in engaging, personal, and memorable ways.  After all, it’s impossible to convince someone who can’t remember what you said!

This Wednesday-morning tutorial will take apart top sentences from great writers past and present, playing with their sentence structures, devices, and techniques in our own writing.  Since most people like to picture what they read, we’ll periodically wander around our ever-changing Ferntop, honing our detail observation and description.  We’ll regularly read out loud, sometimes share our work, and constant feedback from the EXPLOREMYWRITING app designed by the teacher to get us asking questions earlier in the writing process.  We’ll read through stories and eventually a novel or two, learn how to set up and support an argument, and hopefully nurture a curiosity that pulls us into lifelong reading, writing, and learning!


This is an academic course that fulfills a year-long English requirement.  There will be a required parent meeting for interested families prior to registration. Email for date/time information.

  • Ages: 10-14

  • Time: Wednesdays 9:30A.M. - Noon

  • Cost: $1800.00

  • Materials: laptop or iPad with internet access, paperback novels TBA


Students who are also enrolled in Wednesday-afternoon WonderRoots get a $50 discount at registration…and bring their lunch to eat between classes. 


There is a sibling discount of $135.00 yearly ($15/month)

Teachers: George Rietz assisted by Clare Rietz


Ferntop Nature School

Wednesdays, 9:30 - 12:00
September 2024 - May 2025

$1800.00 for the school year ($200/month)

The first step toward applying to one of our programs is to bring your child to Ferntop for a visit.

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