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About Us

Ferntop Nature School is a  unique, Christ-centered nature school on an eight-acre farm in rural Williamson County. Ferntop is located on the property of Ms. Clare's home, providing delightful opportunities for discovery, creativity and play.


Our students enjoy the benefits of an entirely outdoor education. 


Ferntop provides experiences found in other traditional programs such as learning through play, discovery based learning, large and fine motor skills, creative expression, art and music and development of social skills, but uses nature and the themes of farm life as a springboard for learning. Caring for animals, the planting and tending of gardens, exploration of woods, fields and meadows, daily nature walks, working in the greenhouse, visits to the small library cabin, reading and expanding on excellent children's storybooks and literature, and enjoying a natural playground are some of the activities of a typical day. 


Ferntop’s mission is to celebrate and explore the wonder of God’s creation and to lovingly provide time, experiences and opportunities for children and their families to explore, play and make connections with each other and the natural world.



  • To gently teach respect and love for God, His creation and each other

  • To offer a safe, inspiring, grace-filled atmosphere for the children and their families

  • To meet the developmental needs of the whole child through unique learning opportunities 




Ferntop is built on these values and it is through these values that we view education

We work to understand and share the feelings of ourselves, and one another. We also want to cultivate empathy within the context of the natural world, teaching children that they are caregivers, and that their loving attention makes a difference.
We share this inspiring and loving space with one another, and grow together; emotionally, cognitively, spiritually and physically, as our eyes are open to the world God has made.
Because God has given us such rich imaginations, we are able to delight and become connected to all that is around us. Our wonder drives our questions, our play and learning.

Play is at the heart of all we do. We see play as the most important task a child has. Children make sense of their world through play, and development, on every level, is enriched by play.

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