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The charm and whimsy of the magical world that IS Ferntop is available HERE!

Find the tools you need to help nature come alive through the children’s imagination.
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Lessons and Songs from Nature

Step into the inspiring world of Ferntop Nature School through these charming stories and songs of nature’s creatures and plants, and the lessons they can teach us. You will think with a unique perspective, experience nature anew, and sing your way to a fresh approach for engaging children with nature.

Sneak Peek Inside:

See one of the 7 Lessons in the book and its companion song:

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Small Wonders:
Companion Music

Nature can teach us so much, if only we stop, look and listen. Here you will find songs full of whimsy and sweetness, that also encourage the development of valuable personal attributes and open your eyes to a creative way of seeing the natural world.  Bravery, empathy, loyalty, reverence, gratitude, and more - you’ll find exemplified through the birds of the air, plants, and even the lowly roly-poly!”

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Look for these Books and companion Music Albums in the Sharing Ferntop series coming soon:

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