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Renee Parks

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From Renee’s youngest years growing up in Central California, nature was her playground, and her peace. Whether it was singing with the birds, reading to them, digging to find what the earth held, swimming for hours, or traveling the countryside with family, she was learning of God’s abundance from the tide pools of the Pacific Ocean to the top of Yosemite’s Vernal Falls.

Whether as a swim instructor, a classroom aid, or a dear friend and mentor, Renee has always shared her love of God, nature, music, and literature with the children in her care.

While raising a family, Renee immersed herself in childcare as the manager of the local YMCA Tot Watch program. Numerous other opportunities, and time spent working and volunteering at area schools kept her involved with children of all ages.

Blessed with the gift of her husband Brian, they, together with their four children, continued to marvel at the colors of the seasons, and often stargazed, cycled the backroads, and hiked the many trails of California. Family excursions would find them chasing the kids as they climbed the rocks, and played in the streams, and picked ripe food from the trees, bushes, and vines.

Major life events and six grandchildren later, there was a stirring in their hearts, and Renee heard the call: "It’s time to move.” Her faithful husband and family gathered, and helped in the transition.

By the beginning of 2016, 3 generations of the family began calling Tennessee home, and Renee and Brian were settling into their “little piece of Heaven” and a 7th grandchild arrived. Renee is grateful beyond measure to have answered the call, and humbled by the beauty that has unfolded.

Renee’s training in inclusion, and sensory processing disorder at the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder in Denver are daily tools used in a life surrounded by children with both typical and extraordinary needs. With daily exposure to forest and fields and all that roams within, there has come a clarity of immense importance of its invaluable impact on an individuals' development and well-being.

It is with great joy that she is able to support the mission of Ferntop, and offer her loving guidance to the children. 

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