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Our preschool program is for children ages 3-5 years.  It is a multi-age class which provides opportunities for wonderful and family style play and learning...


Ferntop Fridays

Ferntop Friday is a half day nature immersion homeschool program for children ages 6-10. This program is designed to provide outdoor experiences for children on the farm and in the forest. 


Explore My Writing

This Wednesday-morning tutorial will take apart top sentences from great writers past and present, playing with their sentence structures, devices, and techniques in our own writing.  For homeschool students ages 10-14. 

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Wonder Roots

Wonder-filled class  exploring Latin word roots and their natural connections. For homeschool students ages 9-14. 


Ferntop Players

With play and ecology at the heart of this program, homeschoolers (ages 6-10) will explore the creative process of putting on a theatrical production from audition to opening curtain and everything in between! 


Kindergarten for Homeschoolers

We have spots in our preschool for children who are homeschooled and in Kindergarten. The children are folded into our multi-age class with opportunities for deeper investigations during the day. 

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