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Wonder Roots

Wonder-filled class exploring Latin word roots and their natural connections. (ages 9-14)

Wednesdays, 1-4 pm.


Each class day starts with a Latin/Greek word root, a nature concept and a scripture. After briefly exploring the 3 concepts and their interconnections, we will have an experience that is inspired by these concepts and encourages deeper thinking about them. We will then create something new that makes meaning of what we learned.  


Subjects covered in this class:  

  • Vocabulary 

  • Latin/Greek roots and prefixes 

  • Writing 

  • Natural Science 

  • Fine Arts  

Learning Objective
Inspire an ongoing curiosity with words and the natural world, and give a gentle introduction to  the language of Latin.

We do this by:  
1.) Exploration -Setting up situations where children explore the interconnection of words and concepts  
2.) Wonder Fixing -Taking the concept and connecting it to the outside world to make it fix and bring meaning  using our senses 
3.) Creating -Giving them opportunities to play with concepts and create with the words they discover

   Activities include:  

  • Word of the day game 

  • Songs inspired by word roots 

  • Exploration of the farm and forest

  • Investigating, building, and experimenting 

  • Poetry 

  • Writing

  • Visual Art 

  • Drama 

Wonder Roots Teachers: ​

Ferntop owner and director, Clare Rietz, and her husband, George Reitz


Ferntop Nature School

Wednesdays, 1-4
September 2023 - May 2024

$1800.00 for the school year ($200/month)
One-time $10 material fee

The first step toward applying to one of our programs is to bring your child to Ferntop for a visit.

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