Tools We Use
Making a forest trail
Inspired to draw
The sitting log at Bowie Nature Park
The entrance to our trail
A favorite sit spot
Hacksaw in action
The Wonder Bowl
Making bouquets from our garden
Grating Beeswax for our salve
Blowing the fire

Fern Top Fridays is a half day nature immersion homeschool program for children ages 6-10.  This program is designed to provide outdoor experiences for children on the farm and in the forest.  This is NOT meant to be an academic class, but rather a time for children to explore their environment and connect them to the natural world, all the while working with their hands and each other through outdoor skills and journaling.  Nature Studies, gardening, bushcraft and wildcraft are the core elements of this class


Some of the experiences of this class are: making poison ivy salves, whittling, shelters, building fires and baking bread over the fire, planting and harvesting food, creek stomping and using nature journals as a tool for wonder and discovery.



1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

$180/month - $1,620/year

September - May

$30 material fee

2021-2022 ENROLLMENT:
Ferntop Friday is currently full. 

Enrollment Process

The first step is a Family Visit

After your visit, you are welcome to complete an application for Ferntop Fridays.  This does not guarantee a spot in the program.