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Marianne Sloan


Marianne Sloan is a homeschool mother of 4 and is passionate about her faith and her family. Her two youngest children attended Ferntop Preschool, and she has experienced first-hand the blessing of being a part of such an amazing nature based program.

Originally from a desert town in Southern California, Marianne has fallen in love with the forests and landscape of Tennessee. She and her husband, Luke, met in Dallas, Texas while attending a missions-based bible college, Christ for the Nations. After both graduated from Dallas Baptist University, Marianne and her growing family settled in Tennessee, where they have lived for the last 12 years.

Committed to life-long learning, Marianne loves to explore the beauty and learn about the intricacies of our natural world.  Homeschooling her children has been such a gift, allowing her to learn right alongside them. 

Marianne spends her days teaching and caring for her children, and working with her husband in their family business. She is also thrilled to be able to assist on Ferntop Fridays, and learn and grow in grace and wisdom with a bunch of brilliant homeschool kids. 

Marianne’s hobbies include reading, writing, exploring, hiking, and trail running.

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