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Curiosity Crew

Curiosity Crew

Ms. Fernybunch relies on a handful of parents to provide her with new specimens to study. She calls these parents the Curiosity Crew. They are the ones that never quite shed the youthful skin of curiosity. There are risks involved with being curious,this is a fact. But risk is a necessity in exploration, discovery and growth as a student of nature, and the benefits are beefy!

One warm day, a curious parent accompanied Fernybunch and the children to the creek. Before stepping into the water, Fernybunch brought the children to attention and reminded them that snakes often call creeks their home.

"Be aware, not afraid" she announced.

This statement often rang out on these adventures. As the group approached the small waterfall, the parent announced under her breath-

"Snake to the right! "

Slithering under a large flat rock, the snake quickly retreated from the din of human noise.

"I wonder what kind of snake it is?" The parent questioned.

She hurriedly asked Fernybunch to grab her shirt and she leaned her body over the waterfall to get a closer look. What drove her to take this risk? Curiosity! Meanwhile, with heart fluttering, Ms. Fernybunch spoke in a shaky voice,

" let’s move away from the rock children" leading the charge herself.

When all had traveled home, Fernybunch, steaming coffee cup in hand, pondered the day. There was rich provision in the natural world. The flowers, birds, fields, woods, and even snakes are ours to celebrate, investigate and delight in. The curious parent reminded Ms. Fernybunch that things will remain alarming and irritating unless they are given attention, have a name and are learned more about. This knowing and naming brings awe and delight and forms life-long relationships with the world around us.

Do you want to join the curiosity crew? The membership is free and the benefits are endless.

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