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Obstacle or Opportunity?

The wonderful thing about being a teacher is everything you encounter can become an object lesson. The dangerous thing about being a teacher is that everything you encounter can become an object lesson. Great care must be taken to shield the children from the enthusiastic adult’s need to turn everything into a lesson.

Fernybunch stepped outside the door to survey the loveliness of the early morning. She knows that in order to cultivate and capitalize on wonder and curiosity with the children, she must hold these in high esteem herself. Each morning before the students arrive, she peruses the landscape on the lookout for changes that happen in the night and changes that are happening in the season. Lewis, the farm cat, arched his back and rubbed against her leg.

“Let’s go make our rounds Lewis.”

Making her rounds consisted of walking the property. As she strolled down the drive, Lewis by her side, she saw in the distance a grayish lump. She halted and squeaked, “what is that?” Lewis seemed to come to attention and he moved closer, glancing back to make sure she was following. Perfectly preserved, upside down with 4 tiny digger feet stiff in the air, was a mole.

“Busy night, Lewis?” questioned Fernybunch.

Passionate gratitude welled within her, accompanied by a little queasiness. Fernybunch decided to view this surprise as an opportunity not an interruption to her morning, understanding that this little creature spent it's life underground and this was a grand opportunity for the children to get a lengthy look at this dirt dweller.

Our days are full of unexpected happenings, will you see them as opportunities or obstacles?

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