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Who is this Ms.Fernybunch and what does she have to say? More than you can imagine, but lets begin with why she is compelled to share her heart-felt beliefs with those who influence and shape little ones.   


Why? It is because we all need inspiration, noble thoughts to  feed us and inspire us in our work and roles. Ms. Fernybunch is Clare Nugent’s voice in delivering truths that she has discovered from her own experiences as an educator, mother and student of nature.   


At the turn of the 19th century birds were being slaughtered to adorn ladies hats and nests were being robbed for egg collections. To combat this travesty , The Nature Study movement rallied adults and children alike to be keen observers and caretakers of the natural world through study, stories and experiences.


At one time, millions of school children had nature tables in their classrooms and learned about the native flora and fauna.  It was deemed as an important topic of study.  It is quite the opposite today where the natural world is seen by many as too risky or dangerous for children to explore or too irrelevant to be included in their school curriculum.


Fernybunch is not battling against nest robbers and feather stealers, but something even more dangerous; indifference.  Not noticing the small sacred things outside one’s door not only robs one of joy, but causes a numbness to set in that has a powerful ripple effect, especially in the life of a child. 


May these little stories inspire you, give you an abundance of joy and the UMPH we all need to LOOK, LISTEN, AND PONDER.  Hopefully, this intentional way of noticing will foster and cultivate a growing curiosity in your hearts for the natural world, and thereby do the same in the hearts entrusted to your care.

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